Future of Jungle Disk


說明在此, 短期當然是修 bug, 中期的目標比較有趣, 將會增加 native filesystem support, 擺脫 WebDAV 的包袱. 如果是這樣就太棒了, 效率應該會提升不少.. 長期的目標除了持續發展 desktop 端的軟體外, 還考慮增加 web interface.

“Longer term we want to continue to build a robust backup and personal storage product, while expanding into some of the broader uses for online storage such as web-access to your files, public and private sharing of your files, and “groupware” support where multiple users can have their own accounts with a shared storage space."

感覺比較像要脫離 desktop software.. hmm

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