Software for Starving Students 2007.01 is available


也是蒐集免費軟體的光碟, 根據 LifeHacker 上 comment 的說法:

Regarding Software for Starving Students (SSS) and the Open CD:

* SSS has Windows and OS X editions; Open CD is strictly Windows
* SSS is still under active development; Open CD appears to have stalled
* SSS prefers OSS, but will include freeware if no OSS alternative exists; Open CD is strictly OSS

The SSS project actually predates the Open CD, but has not had as much success in publicity. We’re working to change that, and we appreciate Lifehacker’s help.

比較一下兩者所提供的程式 (SSS and TheOpenCD), 可以發現 SSS 其實是加強版的 Open CD, 看來以後可以改下 SSS 玩囉 :)


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