Funny holiday T-Shirt slogans


又到了歲末敗家季節, Apple 特別設計印有幽默標語的紅色 T-shirt 讓 Apple Store 的員工穿著, 除了展現 Apple 的獨特外, 也讓前來購物的顧客感受到 Apple 的用心: 勇敢敗下去一定不會後悔的呀 !

  • Give movies, give music, give TV shows.
  • Give now. Borrow later.
  • They asked for something colorful. They didn’t mean a sweater.
  • Tech the halls.
  • For a PC user it’s not a gift. It’s an intervention.
  • Looking for something they’ll actually wear?
  • This could be the end of regifting. And rebooting.
  • Oh come all Ye Creatives

看到 “Give now, borrow later" 不禁讓我想起某位朋友也幹過這種事: " 你看你看, 我送你的東西很不賴吧.. 借來用用.. " XD


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