Win4BSD : Run Windows on FreeBSD/PC-BSD Desktop


難得看到商業化的產品是瞄準 *BSD Desktop, 不過既然是 Win4Linux 的兄弟就不意外了. 網頁上是這麼介紹:

Win4BSD Pro Desktop allows FreeBSD/PC-BSD users to run Windows applications and desktop from the safety and security of their BSD desktop eliminating the need to dual-boot or keep additional hardware just to use their last remaining Windows applications.


“Win4BSD was a breeze to install, and within 30 minutes I had Windows XP Home running on my PC-BSD system without any problems!” said Kris Moore, Founder and Lead Developer of PC-BSD. “FreeBSD and PC-BSD users can rejoice, now that the ability to run our legacy Windows applications is brought to life through Win4BSD.”

“We’re very glad to see more and more software vendors like Virtual Bridges actively supporting the FreeBSD platform," said Matt Olander, CTO of iXsystems and FreeBSD Project, Marketing Team. “Their product addresses the need for legacy Windows applications on a secure and stable desktop platform that FreeBSD can provide."

看來蠻有趣的, 可惜手邊沒有機器可以玩玩看..

[Link, press release, download]

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