FreeBSD Security Advisory



II. Problem Description

Several problems have been found in OpenSSL:

1. During the parsing of certain invalid ASN1 structures an error condition is mishandled, possibly resulting in an infinite loop. [CVE-2006-2937]

2. A buffer overflow exists in the SSL_get_shared_ciphers function. [CVE-2006-3738]

3. A NULL pointer may be dereferenced in the SSL version 2 client code. [CVE-2006-4343]

In addition, many applications using OpenSSL do not perform any validation of the lengths of public keys being used. [CVE-2006-2940]

III. Impact

Servers which parse ASN1 data from untrusted sources may be vulnerable to a denial of service attack. [CVE-2006-2937]

An attacker accessing a server which uses SSL version 2 may be able to execute arbitrary code with the privileges of that server. [CVE-2006-3738]

A malicious SSL server can cause clients connecting using SSL version 2 to crash. [CVE-2006-4343]

Applications which perform public key operations using untrusted keys may be vulnerable to a denial of service attack. [CVE-2006-2940]

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