PC-BSD 1.2 released

  • Updated ports to current as of 6-26-06.
  • Added py-qt and py-kde ports to default install. (Allows Super Karamba plugins to work)
  • Cleaned up icons folders.
  • Added DBSD Network / User Toolset into Control Panel.
  • Convert PC-BSD tools to Control Panel modules.
  • Update KMenu to display categories.
  • Ctrl-alt-delete now launches the System Guard.
  • Zip (Archiver) support included in default install.
  • Added Bash to default install.
  • Removed EISA support from default kernel.
  • Setup CD insert notification to allow playing audio CD’s and DVD’s.
  • Added denyhosts to default install for SSH security.
  • Windows key now launches “K-Menu".
  • Fixes possible crash when detecting sound card during install.
  • Fixed bug with online update not working in languages other than english.
  • Removed the “Computer" kmenu opting for “System Menu" instead.
  • Changed default color scheme.
  • Changed desktop icons default to 32×32.
  • NTFS partitions are now mounted as Read-Only.
  • Write access to CD devices for user accounts granted.

[Release Notes, download]

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