Apple denies virtualization plans for Mac OS X


摘自 Macworld 的文章, 真是令人失望呀.

“I am so pleased to see [Apple promoting Parallels],” said Wolf. “I hada talk with Phil Schiller at the opening of the 5th Avenue Apple Store,and I asked him the question, ‘will Apple include a virtualizationsolution in [the next version of Mac OS X] Leopard.’ He said‘absolutely not, the R&D would be prohibitive and we’re not goingto do it. Our solution is dual boot.’

看來謠言終究是謠言囉.. 雖然 dual boot 可以獲得效能, 不過如果真的要獲得效能, 買台 PC 不是更好 ? :p 說到底還不如將 Mac OS X 完全 porting 到 PC 上, 所有的問題通通獲得解決 XD

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2 Responses to “Apple denies virtualization plans for Mac OS X”

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