OpenVanilla Fund-Raising Campaign 2006


下班後來捐款贊助, 這是一套很棒的軟體呢 ! :-) 以下引自活動網頁:

OpenVanilla 2006年募款活動
為不自外於國際社群,隨時保持相容性與技術領先,OpenVanilla 今年夏季希望能募到新台幣61,440元(美金1,920)元,以支付一張WWDC 2006的入場券(美金1,295元)及一張臺北─北京的來回機票(約新台幣20,000元,美金625元)。我們計劃派lukhnos前往參加八月的 WWDC(機票錢他可以自己付),讓zonble來北京參加九月由蘋果亞洲公司舉辦的輸入法工作坊。


OpenVanilla Fund-Raising Campaign 2006
OpenVanilla is raising a fund of USD 1,920 (NTD 61,440) to cover the expense of a WWDC 2006 ticket (USD 1,295) for lukhnos and a part of a Taipei-Beijing roundtrip ticket for zonble (which usually costs USD 625). Lukhnos is planning to fly to San Francisco on his own expense to participate in Apple’s annual developer conference to learn what will change for input method developers in OS X 10.5, whereas zonble is joining an Input Method Workshop held by Apple Asia in Beijing September 2006. We hope to make this two trips possible and bring back the latest development and share with our users. We need your support. Donation is welcome and appreciated!

This year’s fund-raising campaign will end on July 31, 2006.

Read lukhnos’s letter to our users for a detailed explanation of this campaign.


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