FreeBSD Security Advisory



II. Problem Description
There are two documented methods of restricting access to NIS maps through ypserv(8): through the use of the /var/yp/securenets file, and through the /etc/hosts.allow file. While both mechanisms are implemented in the server, a change in the build process caused the “securenets" access restrictions to be inadvertantly disabled.

III. Impact
ypserv(8) will not load or process any of the networks or hosts specified in the /var/yp/securenets file, rendering those access controls ineffective.


II. Problem Description
smbfs does not properly sanitize paths containing a backslash character; in particular the directory name ‘..\’ is interpreted as the parent directory by the SMB/CIFS server, but smbfs handles it in the same manner as any other directory.

III. Impact
When inside a chroot environment which resides on a smbfs mounted file-system it is possible for an attacker to escape out of this chroot to any other directory on the smbfs mounted file-system.

嗯, 之前的 Security Advisory 都是連到 ftp, 現在改到 web 了呀.


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