Windows Live Mail M6 online !



You said, we said

We’re reviewing every comment you send us about Windows Live Mail. Here are a few comments we’ve gotten from customers like you, with our responses.

You: “Emptying the junk and the deleted items folders couldn’t get any easier."

Us: Thanks. Want to see what this person is talking about? Just click the down arrow on the junk or deleted items folder and poof! Your junk e-mail or deleted items are gone.

You: “Love the customizable view with different colors and moveable view pane."

Us: We’re glad you like it. If you haven’t customized your reading pane or color, just click on the “Customize" link in the upper right hand corner to change your reading pane settings or your color scheme.

You: “I also like how the contacts are nice and easy to find now. No more scrolling through a massive list of names to try and find the one you need"

Us: The “word wheel" is something we’re proud of. To try it, go to Contacts and start typing the name of the person you’re looking for in the Search Box. Just type a couple letters to see a matching list of names from your contact list.

此外可以在 Firefox 上正常閱讀信件囉, 討人厭的右側廣告也消失了, 閱讀空間變大感覺很舒服, 雖然連線速度尚未改善, 不過一些 UI 上的改變讓人蠻喜歡的. 感謝 Windows Live Mail team 所做的一切 ! :-)

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