FreeBSD 6.1 released


其實昨天就可以下載 ISO 檔案了, 今天 FreeBSD team 才將消息公告在網頁上. 主要更新如下:

  • Addition of a keyboard multiplexer. This allows USB and PS/2 keyboards to coexist without any special options at boot.
  • Many fixes for filesystem stability. High load stress tests are now run successfully on a regular basis as part of the normal FreeBSD QA process.
  • Automatic configuration for man Bluetooth devices, as well as automatic support for running WiFi access points.
  • Addition of drivers for new ethernet and SAS and SATA RAID controllers.
  • BIND updated to 9.3.2
  • sendmail updated to 8.13.6

詳情參考 Release Notes 以及 Errata. 另外除了 ftp 下載外, 還可以多多利用 BitTorrent 抓取 DVD 檔案, 一次滿足安裝需求.


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