PC-BSD 1.0 released


Change log:

  • Now running KDE 3.5.2.
  • Kaffeine is now the default media player for audio / video.
  • PC-BSD now auto-detects when a media has been inserted into a CD / DVD drive.
  • When a CD is inserted, an icon shows up on the desktop for unmounting / ejecting.
  • When a USB flash drive is connected, an icon shows up on the desktop for unmounting.
  • Changed much of the backend with fonts and language support.
  • Tools now look like KDE with same fonts.
  • Graphical Improvements to the Installer.
  • Added new “Utilities" menu on CD install, for chroot and shell prompts.
  • Create desktop Icons to pbidir.com and pcbsd.com.
  • Set default profile on Konqueror for web browsing.
  • Added Search bar to Konqueror.
  • Partitions now have “Softupdates" enabled.
  • Online Update check at bootup can now be disabled.
  • Many numerous bugfixes.

這次還有 vmware image 可以下載使用喔. :-)


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