Access the Linux kernel using the /proc filesystem


這份文件詳細描述 Linux 系統中 /proc 目錄的作用,以及如何自行撰寫 LKM 存取該目錄下的資料。

The /proc filesystem is a virtual filesystem that permits a novel approach for communication between the Linux® kernel and user space. In the /proc filesystem, virtual files can be read from or written to as a means of communicating with entities in the kernel, but unlike regular files, the content of these virtual files is dynamically created. This article introduces you to the /proc virtual filesystem and demonstrates its use.

其實老早就有類似的文章在網路上流傳,不過這篇還附上 source code 以及不少 reference,特此紀錄。(IBM 出品必屬佳作)

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